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SailKote Plus: The World's Leading Anti-Mildew Coating for Sails, Canvas and More!

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Introducing the world's leading anti-mildew coating for sails, canvas, tents, awnings, and other mildew prone materials. Nothing else performs like it, and nothing else lasts like it.

Sailkote Plus is the same high quality product as the standard Team McLube Sailkote that you have seen at boat shows around the world and on retail shelves, however it has a specially formulated anti-mildew formula blended in which has proven to successfully fight mold and mildew for more than 6 years on most sails.

Benefits of using Team McLube Sailkote or Sailkote Plus:

  • Protect your investment - sails can be expensive, Sailkote prolongs the life of your sails by reducing friction and chafing.
  • Keep your sails cleaner, drier, and mildew-free - Dirt, grime, even water won't stick.
    How do champions use McLube?
    Over the past year we have coated thousands of square feet of sails with great results. As more and more sails are made with laminates the sail making industry needs a sure and economical way of combating the inherent problem of mildew. Some cloth manufacturers offer a product that inhibits the mildew growth, but they're water based and not permanent. Team McLube Sailkote PLUS not only prevents mildew, but due to the lower friction of the sail surface roller furling headsails and mainsails roll up easier and in a smaller circumference.

    -Jeff Andersen, Sailmaking Support Systems, Greenland, NH
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  • Sails will furl or roll up roughly *35% tighter - This means reduced windage.
  • Improve performance - If your mainsail is designed to furl inside the mast or boom, Sailkote will allow you to have a larger mainsail, or you can choose a heavier, longer lasting cloth and still fit within the same space.
  • Furling becomes much easier on any point of sail, especially with in-mast or in boom furling. No more sticking or chafing your sails while furling and unfurling.
  • Keep your spinnakers and other sails drier - Reduce water absorption by more than *50%, reduce weight aloft, reduce drying times by more than 50%, and handle your sails friction free during sets, gybes, and takedowns.
  • Luff tapes run more smoothly making sails easier to hoist.
  • Telltales will fly freely, even when wet or in light air.

*Data based on both scientific and practical field experiments performed by North Labs, a subsidiary of North Sails.

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